Our mission is to unite women of all backgrounds and cultures in our community.  We strive to guide and support the next generation of young women through mentoring and education.  We strive to teach them how to live with a purpose as well as how to work towards a common goal by harmonizing their talents, skills, and abilities. By creating a network of resources and showing positive images of all women through our multi-media network, we intend to change how women are viewed in and by society.  


 Our vision is to be a recognized and respected    movement, where an alliance is formed among all    women, young and mature.  We envision that women  of all colors, shapes, and sizes from all over the world  will be viewed in a whole new light. Through our 5 major divisions (books, creative art work, health, music, and film), we will express the beauty within all women and allow them to tell their own story.  We will utilize our virtual communities, as a place to network, exchange dialogue, schedule and conduct events, and share with the global family.  Sisters in Harmony looks to uplift and dignify women once again within and around our global communities.  

     putting more POSITIVE IMAGES back in our global community          on a mental, physical and spiritual level